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Venusian Swamp Lotus Series

Venusian Swamp Lotus (001)
(with Marsh Hillock base)
aluminum, blown glass, neon

The "Venusian Swamp Lotus" series is one of the exotic Venusian Flora along with the "Venusian Swamp Flowers" and "Venusian Clamora" series. These series of works explore a fantasy world of Venusian flora and fauna.

The Swamp Lotus Series is characterized by an open blown-glass form with a single neon element emerging from the center. Like the other Venusian Flora, it can be mounted in a variety of bases designed to hold just one individual Swamp Lotus. The Swamp Lotus can also be included in the many Venusian Garden bases that allow installation of multiple Venusian Flora (shown below).

In addition to the base for the Swamp Lotus being interchangeable, so is the neon element that emerges from the center. The neon element is mounted with a wireless connection and is easily removed and exchanged.

The identifying number for each individual Swamp Lotus in the series is assigned to the blown glass element. A variety of Swamp Lotuses are shown below illustrating the different bases available for display.

Venusian Swamp Lotus in Individual Bases

Venusian Swamp Lotus 005 neon art sculpture
Swamp Lotus (005)
large pod base
with different neon element

Venusian Swamp Lotus 006 neon art sculpture
Swamp Lotus (006)
large pod base

Swamp Lotus (007)
oval black base

Venusian Swamp Lotus 002 neon art sculpture
Swamp Lotus (002)
large pod base
with Marsh Hillock base

Venusian Swamp Lotus 003 neon art sculpture
Swamp Lotus (003)
round black base

Venusian Swamp Lotus 004 neon art sculpture
Swamp Lotus (004)
large pod base

Venusian Swamp Lotus in Garden Bases

Swamp Lotus (009)
Venusian Garden base (004)

Swamp Lotus (005)
Venusian Swamp Garden (001)

Swamp Lotus (010)
Venusian Rock Garden (381)

Swamp Lotus neon elements

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