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Small Jellyfish Series

sizes variable: approx. 12" x 9" x 24"
handblown glass, neon

The small version of the Jellyfish is available for those with smaller spaces and/or smaller budgets. As illustrated in the photos, the pricing is based not so much on size but on the simpler version of the tentacles: single color without stripes or other details. Design and subsequent pricing may vary depending on the client's needs. In general, the small versions are made on demand by commission only.

available at VGwest gallery:
none available at this time

available at Venusian Gardens:
none available at this time

previously on display:


small Jellyfish 003


small Jellyfish 002


small Jellyfish 001



more Jellyfish:

available at Venusian Gardens

available at VGwest gallery

table lamp version of Jellyfish


assembly of a Jellyfish

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