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Vaseline Glass (or uranium glass)

The following information comes from the web site of the Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc.(VGCI), a non-profit organization incorporated in 1998 to educate and unify Vaseline Glass collectors everywhere. For more information about vaseline glass and the collecting of vaseline glass, please visit the official web site for the only organization dedicated to educating and unifying vaseline glass collectors everywhere,


In general, "uranium glass" is defined as any glass which contains a depleted form of uranium, uranium oxide, a component of the glass formula that gives the glass a special fluorescent character and is a term heard most frequently in the British world of glass including Australia and New Zealand. Vaseline glass is another term for glass containing uranium oxide that is the term most frequently heard in the United States for uranium glass.

However, as is often the case, definitions can be confusing: some authorities consider vaseline glass to be yellow or yellow-green (depending on if it is in indoor or incandescent light or daylight). The glass can look yellow under incandescent lighting, but outdoors, the UV of the sun will stimulate the atoms, making the same piece look yellow-green. Also, when a flash camera is used on vaseline glass, it will make it appear more green than the eyes do, because the intense flash also stimulates the uranium atoms.

Vaseline glass (in the USA) is defined by the VGCI to be yellow first and glow green under a blacklight second. Other countries have their own definition for vaseline glass. For instance, people in Australia use the words, 'vaseline glass' for any type of glass that has an opalescent rim. What we consider (in the USA) to be vaseline glass, they call citron or uranium glass. The British in the United Kingdom refer to glass that has a whispy opalescent treatment to be vaseline glass. What they call 'Primrose Pearline' (a trade name from Geo. Davidson & Son) is what the US collectors call 'vaseline glass'. In Germany, they did not differentiate and call all of it 'uranglas' and it can be yellow or green, as long as it has uranium in it and glows under a blacklight.

Many sellers describe any green depression glass as "vaseline glass," knowing that vaseline glass brings more money than green depression glass. True vaseline glass does not have iron oxide added to the formula, which makes green depression glass a separate formula, and thus, is not considered to be vaseline glass.

Let it be stated here and now that although uranium or vaseline glass does contain depleted uranium oxide and thus does give off a small amount of radioactivity, it is considered safe by authorities including the Atomic Energy Commision and other governmental authorities controlling the use and sale of uranium. Remember, some small degree of radiation is a part of our natural environment including the brick in brick buildings. The amount of radioactivity in uranium glass is equivalent to this "background level" of radioactivity and does not pose a health threat.