neon sculpture and neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern and contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
artist working in neon art and neon sculpture





Edge of Darkness Series 

Edge of Darkness Triptych  featured in this virtual neon art gallery, displaying the neon sculpture and neon art installations, including modern and contemporary art work as well as a line of neon clocks and wall sconces

Edge of Darkness Triptych
48" x 12" x 6" x 3
aluminum, silicone, neon




 Edge of Darkness II

Edge of Darkness II
36" x 24" x 6"
aluminum, silicone, neon


This series expresses the sense of hope or optimism that can be prevail even in the midst of despair when all seems engulfed by waves of darkness. They also reflect an analogy to the contemplative forms found in Japanese rock gardens, an important aesthetic influence on the artist


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