neon sculpture and neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern and contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
artist working in neon art & neon sculpture



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 Dave @ United Web Service

extraordinarily helpful beyond all reasonable expectations. If you need a web presence...


Bells and Whistles

some great animated gifs and web info

 Denton's Dimensions

some great animated gifs & web stuff

 Steve's Engineering Home Page

more wonderful animated gifs & things

 The Ultimatorium

even more great animated gifs


 Michel Friang (

much of the recent photography
travel, interior, architectural, people NYC (212) 666-1097

 Gerard Perrone @Imago Inc.

much of the photography in the site
(504) 897-5551 (retired?)

Richard Vallon
@Orleans Photography

wonderfully generous, a great photographer and an expert in PhotoShop. (504) 457-0110

Sean Smith

He did much of the early photography of my work.

Hong Nee Tay

Special thanks for countless favors



Grand Wok Restaurant, MGM Grand 

 more clients information coming

other artists working in neon

Ron Von Stuck

extraordinarily talented and extremely helpful, someone whom I owe much for his instruction and assistance in improving my studio and my neon bending skills

Kenny Greenberg

Site with many links to all things neon

great artist working in neon, abstract and very talented

other interesting artists

John Clemmer, painter

Internationally acclaimed, now based n New Orleans

WWAR logo

A large web site for all things art-related

dArt fine arts

dART is an Internet Art Network. It's a cooperative effort of 4,368 websites to help people find and research art.

Claudia Cohen

The bronze sculpture, as well as the ceramic sculpture of artist Claudia Cohen spans the gamut from figurative to wildlife, including her unique interpretations of some of her favourite animals (Chameleons, and Lions most notably) to bronze portraits, commissions and various fantasy artworks.

neon supplies and related sites

 Tech 22 (previously Tech 2000)

a source of high quality, reliable neon transformers

 Information Unlimited

another source of high quality, reliable neon transformers and many unusual high voltage gizmos


premier manufacturer of neon tubing, supplies and equipment


signs and sign supplies

 Pac Signs

signs, signs and more signs! neon, electric, traffic, banners, decals, accessories and more

curious or unusual sites


coming soon!

 Cafe Brasil




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