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The Venusian World

Venusian Landscape Series

Venusian World Triptych



This series of sculptures in Ehlenberger's "Venusian World" explores fantasy Landscapes with luminous vegetation, glowing lakes and craggy mountains. His distinctive approach to the Landscape incorporates such media as silicone, translucent paint on brushed aluminum and back-lit lenses to evoke an other-worldly ambience.

Ehlenberger's early landscapes were first executed in the western traditional horizontal format. However, as a result of his exposure to ancient Chinese and Japanese landscape painting presented in a vertical format, he began exploring landscapes in an Asian style.

Subsequently Ehlenberger also developed his own, unique approach to the Landscape, the Discscape. A small manifestation of the Landscape, only 16" in diameter, its shape alludes to the spherical shape of the planet.

The Venusian World:


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