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The Venusian World

Sculpture Assembly

Most of the sculptures do not require any assembly at all, especially most of the wall mounted work. However, those sculptures that incorporate single-ended neon tubes generally require a simple assembly. It is important to finish the assembly completely before plugging the sculpture into the electric outlet.

The single-ended neon tubes mount by insertion into pyrex glass housings. The brass cap at the electrode end of the neon tube is inserted into the pyrex housing deep enough to establish contact with the brass spring inside the housing. This establishes the electrical contact necessary to light the tube. It is important that contact is made with the spring and that no gap exists between the spring and the brass electrode cap. The black (or sometimes white) rubber electrode cover snaps over the lip of the pyrex housing to seat the tube securely into the housing. The electrode cover may require a minor adjustment - up or down- on the tube to provide a secure seating into the housing.

If the sculpure also includes a blown glass component, it is sometimes necessary to place the glass in place before inserting the tube or vice versa. In most cases the glass component will be secure in its placement without additional measures. If there is any question of instability or if the glass will be at risk for being knocked over, the application of a small amount of museum gel will secure the glass safely to its base. Museum gel is a clear, inexpensive, removable adhesive that secures glass to most other materials. It is fantastic stuff! The gel is available on the internet and in many art supply houses. It can also be purchased from the artist.

Assembly of the other sculptures is generally not necessary. In those cases in which someone wishes to disassemble a sculpture to replace a broken neon tube or other component, please contact the artist directly before doing so.

Please remember to always disconnect the sculpture from electricity before assembly or disassembly of the sculpture to prevent shocks.

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