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The Venusian World

The Pricing

Pricing of some of the sculptures of the Venusian World are based on their components. Each sculpture requires a base that includes a transformer to power the neon tube(s). The base, in may be complete in iteself (such as the zinc and pod bases) or may require additional components such as the Garden Sculpture bases that require either glass ("Swamp Stones") for the Swamp Gardens or black rocks for the Rock Gardens. The glass "stones" and black rocks are sold by the pound.

The neon tubes are priced separately (based on complexity) and are generally interchangeable with one another. The glass components of the various Swamp Flowers are also priced separately, based on complexity. To determine the final price of a sculpture, one adds the price of the base, the neon tube(s) and other components if applicable, such as the glass components and rocks.

When purchasing a base with multiple housings for multiple neon tubes, "plugs" can be inserted into housings that are not being used so that the Garden can "grow" with future additions. See below for some sample pricings.

Further details and examples with photographs to follow soon.