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Venusian World

Venusian Swamp Flower Series

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Swamp Garden base

Marsh Garden base

mahogany base

Nambe 574 base

Rock Garden base

acrylic base

Venusian Swamp Flowers
sizes variable
blown glass, neon


The Venusian Swamp Flora are one of a series of works that explore Ehlenberger's Venusian world of fantasy flora and fauna. Notable about these sculptures are the detailed, subtly colored single-end neon tubes seen emerging from the hand-blown glass vessels.The neon tubes are mounted with a wireless connection and are easily removed for shipping. As illustrated in the photographs above, the Swamp Flowers can be displayed on a variety of bases, singularly or in multiples.

Ehlenberger's modular "component" system allows for interchange of the neon tube and base so that the photos and prices above offer but one approach to the sculpture, with many other options available.

Swamp Flowers available:

Venusian Gardens

glassLight gallery

prices vary based on the individual components (see below)