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Venusian World

Venusian Swamp Jax Series

Venusian Swamp Jax (001)
blown glass, neon
mahogany base

The Venusian Swamp Jax, very much like the Swamp Flowers series of works, explore a world of fantasy flora and fauna. They differ from the Swamp Flowers in the finish of the lip of the glass element, following the traditional "jack-in-the-pulpit" style of glass blowing.

The neon components are interchangeable - especially with the Swamp Flowers. Notable about these sculptures are the intricate single-end neon tubes seen emerging from the hand-blown glass vessels..The neon tubes are mounted with a wireless connection and are easily removed for shipping. Like the Swamp Flowers, a variety of bases are available to accomodate the Swamp Jax Series.