neon sculpture and neon art installations by artist Ehlenberger including modern and contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
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Miscellanous Elements

Venusian Black Rocks

Venusian Black Rocks

size variable:
1"-6" diameter

The Venusian Black Rocks are incorporated into the Venusian Rock Garden sculptures, distinguishing the Rock Gardens from the Swamp Gardens which incorporate glass Swamp Stones.

The rocks allow for a great deal of variability in the size and design of Venusian Rock Gardens, from floor installations to contained bases such as floor or table pedestals. In the floor installations, acrylic bases with neon transformers and pyrex housings to illuminate the neon tubes are hidden under the rocks and allow for an infinite variety of gardens incorporating any or all of Ehlenberger's Venusian Flowers and other elements

Prices are based on weight (in pounds).